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Southern Technical University is a non-profit, open and research comprehensive university established with the approval of the Colorado State Government and Secretary of State. Adhering to the concept of "learning has an end, innovation has no end", we are committed to cultivating new application-oriented talents with an international perspective and active social responsibilities.

Southern Technical University is focusing on engineering, with coordinated development of engineering, science, liberal arts, economics, management, law, and arts, it provides an innovative, research-oriented, non-profit comprehensive university that integrates international exchanges, cultural exchanges, scientific research and teaching. At the same time, STU related courses have been certified and recognized by internationally renowned authoritative organizations. 

Southern Technical University provides students and faculty with an excellent learning environment and teaching and scientific research opportunities, encourages personal growth and career development, and realizes career innovation and life value. STU has been promoting the healthy development of academics, scientific research, and teaching, and has in-depth cooperation with many of the world's top business schools and well-known companies in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and New York to improve teaching and management, academic innovation, and research levels, and to move towards an innovative university. Lay a solid foundation.

Southern Technical University offers associates, undergraduates, post-baccalaureate diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, master's courses and various certificate courses in various disciplines. All courses are approved or certified and recognized by relevant accreditation agencies. Most courses are higher than other higher education institutions around the world. Level academic courses are connected. At the same time, Southern Technical University continues to develop relationships with other institutions of higher learning to ensure that students receive more opportunities for further study and maximize their development. 

At present, Southern Technical University has established partnerships and exchange relationships with universities in many countries or regions such as China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Southern Technical University focuses on the integration of education and industry to cultivate comprehensive talents with practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Southern Technical University provides students with high-quality teaching and related industrial environments so that students can connect theory with practice and comprehensively improve their overall quality. At the same time, Southern Technical University has an employment counseling office with full-time staff to provide employment guidance for students. Therefore, Southern Technical University The employment rate of graduates has always been among the best.