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Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Singapore is the Singapore branch of Kaplan Education Group, which officially changed its name to Kaplan Higher Education (Singapore) in 2009 to gain the same broad international reputation as its parent company.

Parent company The Washington Post Company

As early as 1877, the internationally renowned media - The Washington Post published its first newspaper in the United States. Under the leadership of several legendary figures, it has developed into a world-renowned education and media enterprise after 132 years. The Washington Post's market value has reached 7.5 billion US dollars. In addition to the world-renowned Kaplan Education Group, it also owns the world-renowned "Washington Post", "Newsweek" and cable television and networks throughout the United States. These legends are: Kay Graham (Kay Graham), Mrs. Graham and son - the current CEO of The Washington Post Company Don Graham (Don Graham). Similarly, the figure who has made a significant contribution to the development and growth of The Washington Post Company is Warren Buffett, an internationally renowned investor and philanthropist and director of The Washington Post Company.

Kaplan Education Group is affiliated with The Washington Post Company, the largest and fastest growing subsidiary of The Washington Post Company. Founded in 1938 by the great educator and philanthropist Mr. Stanley H. Kaplan. Kaplan used to say that the letter H between his name stood for "higher score."

71 years later, Kaplan Education Group has grown rapidly to 80 colleges in 30 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. It is the world's largest provider of international education. , Diversified Education and Lifelong Education Education Group, with 31,000 teachers and administrative staff distributed around the world. It mainly provides education in four major areas: higher education, professional education, entrance and examination education, and early childhood education. The turnover of Kaplan Education Group in 2008 has exceeded 2.3 billion US dollars.

Today, Kaplan Education Group is creating another miracle in the field of education under the leadership of current CEO Andrew Rosen.

Kaplan Higher Education (Singapore)

Kaplan Higher Education (Singapore) is located in the financial and business center of Singapore, providing students with high-quality bachelor, master and doctoral higher education programs. Two modern and intelligent urban campuses, a comfortable teaching environment and a trusted education brand have attracted countless students from all over the world. There are 15,000 local and international students at Kaplan's campus in Singapore, and half of the Singaporean students studying for a bachelor's degree are tertiary graduates from the Singapore Government Polytechnic.

You can choose degree courses from three world-renowned universities in Kaplan Higher Education (Singapore). The degree diplomas are exactly the same as those of the school, and are recognized by any country in the world. The tuition fee is only half of the school. Excellent students can get up to A scholarship of SGD 10,000, and after obtaining a bachelor's degree, you can go directly to a master's degree program in Kaplan Higher Education (Singapore), or apply to famous Australian universities (such as Australian National University, University of Queensland, Australia, etc.) and famous universities in Singapore (such as Nanyang, Singapore) Polytechnic University) master's degree program.

Kaplan's Mission

Kaplan helps individuals achieve their educational and career goals. We build futures one success story at a time.

Located in the Kaplan Singapore campus in the financial center of Singapore, the modern and intelligent urban campus, comfortable teaching environment and trusted brand have attracted countless students from all over the world, including 8,000 local and international students in Singapore, some Half of the students enrolled were recommended by friends. Kaplan Singapore provides students with high-quality bachelor, master and doctoral courses and ACCA, CAT, CFP, CFA professional certificate courses in finance.

School qualification certification

Kaplan Higher Education (Singapore) is accredited by the Chinese Embassy in Singapore and the qualifications are recognized. The Singapore Asia Pacific Institute of Management is also a double-accredited school by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CaseTrust) and the Singapore Service Quality Inspection Authority Quality Level Qualification (SQC). In 2010, the school obtained the EduTrust certification issued by the Singapore Council for Private Education.

Issuing diploma certification

Kaplan Higher Education (Singapore) awards diplomas from National University of Ireland and Murdoch University in Western Australia. The diplomas of these two schools are recognized worldwide. They are recognized schools listed by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China on the Educational Foreign-related Supervision Information Network.