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South Korea's Catullian University is a university with a long history and tradition of more than 150 years. Now it has 2 campuses in Seoul and 1 campus in Gyeongsan and Hayang, named the Holy Spirit Campus, Sacred Heart Campus and Shengyi Campus. More than 11,000 students. Cato University is a large-scale comprehensive university with a single academy such as the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Teachers, the Faculty of Music, the Faculty of Computer Engineering, the Faculty of Information and Communication, and the Faculty of Life Engineering. It is ranked in Korea. Top 20 universities. With the motto of "Love and Dedication", Catuli University has cultivated talents with both ability and political integrity, and has made contributions to the development of the country and society. In the 2009 Central Daily University Comprehensive Evaluation: Educational Environment, Financial Sector Comprehensive 4th, Humanities and Social Sciences Center University 7th, professor-student ratio and professor resources first, student source first (faculty-to-student ratio 1:18.9).

The educational philosophy of the University of Catuli is 'truth', 'love' and 'service' that embody the Catholic spirit. The purpose of education is to cultivate talents who respect human beings, cultivate social people who contribute to the development of national culture and have balanced abilities, and cultivate world people who contribute to the development and peace of human society. The University of Catulhu set up a development planning team and formulated the school's medium and long-term development plan '2015 PLAN'. This plan is to achieve humanitarian education by realizing educational concepts and improving university competitiveness, strengthening character education and cultural education, and improving the level of globalization by strengthening links with Catuli universities around the world; striving to focus on research and education In terms of specialization, it has reached the highest level in the country.

Principal's speech

Katuli University in Korea is a university with a long history and tradition of more than 150 years. Today, it is implementing personalized education to cultivate talents with development potential and pride. Today, young people are not facing an era when only domestic competitiveness is sufficient. In order to cultivate global talents and enable our students to take advantage of their English after graduation, we built a new English-language dormitory on the Sacred Heart Campus in 2009. Now, the Sacred Heart Campus has become a global campus where our students and more than 300 foreign professors and foreign students live together, taking the first step to make students grow into global talents. We will not only stop at the development of the school, but also integrate the school into the society. We will nurture people with morality and thorough dedication to benefit society. Through the careful efforts of our university, in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Korea's "Enhancing Educational Power Project", Catuli University of Korea has been rated as an excellent university for two consecutive years in the country, and it has also been rated as a leading university by the admissions inspector. Today, we have prepared a scholarship system for 1% of college entrance examination talents, and will select better talents to advertise our university to the world. In the course of 154 years, South Korea's Catulich University has worked hard to cultivate talents, and now it is running towards the goal of becoming a global hub in Asia. For the good education of our students, we have brought in excellent professors and motivated staff. Their love and enthusiasm will provide fresh nourishment for the students of the school. Today, lovely young people are thriving on the campus of Catuli University with the ideal of competing on the world stage. To make their ideals come true, we will run faster and more enthusiastically than we have been in 154 years. Please look forward to the splendid future of the University of South Korea.