The difference between honorary academician and academician

Both honorary academician and academician recognize scholars' academic achievements, but they are different in nature and award objects.
1. Nature: Honorary academician is an honorary title that recognizes a scholar’s outstanding contributions in a certain field and indicates that the scholar’s academic status in the field is recognized. Academicianship is a lifelong honor and the highest praise given by the country and society to a scholar's academic achievements and contributions.
2. Award recipients: Honorary academicians are usually awarded to scholars who have made outstanding contributions in the academic field, regardless of whether they have received the title of academician. Academicians are generally awarded to experts and scholars who have made outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology. Scholars who have obtained the title of academician are usually given higher honors and treatment.
In general, honorary academicians and academicians are both reflections of a scholar's academic achievements, but honorary academicians focus more on recognition of personal academic achievements, while academicians represent the country and society's highest praise for a scholar's academic achievements and contributions.

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