The revised version of the "Academic Misconduct Punishment Measures" was officially promulgated and implemented

For The EduTrust Education Quality Accreditation Association (EEQA)'s investigation and handling of scientific research misconduct, safeguard the academic fairness of EEQA and the rights and interests of education practitioners, create a good academic atmosphere, encourage scientific research innovation, maintain academic ethics, strictly enforce academic discipline, and standardize academic According to "EEQA Measures for Prevention and Handling of Academic Misconduct", "Academic Integrity Investigation and Handling Rules (Trial)", "Interim Provisions for Handling Academic Certification Violations", "EEQA Internal Member Misconduct Investigation and Handling Measures" "" "EEQA Teacher Certification Basic Work Specifications (Trial)" "EEQA Style of Study and Academic Ethics Committee Charter" and other documents, formulate and revise this method.
This approach (revised version) is applicable to EEQA's teaching staff and any universities, colleges, educational institutions and training companies that submit academic certification and vocational certification to EEQA, as well as individuals who apply for equivalent degree verification, teacher certification, and honorary degrees.
The term "academic misconduct" in this regulation (revised version) refers to behaviors that deviate from the scientific community's code of conduct, violate recognized academic standards, and violate academic integrity and scientific research ethics codes of conduct during academic certification and related activities.
These Measures (revised version) shall be promulgated and implemented from January 10, 2023.